Dr. Hahnemann Homoeopathy was introduced by the famous German Doctor Hahnemann. It is a medical Science that treats the ailments by medicines which have been tested on healthy persons and then validated.

According to Science, we cannot create anything; we can simply change the form. The things which exist today are because something was already there. A drug, in its proving, can evoke in each case only what was already there, latent in the prover-even as disease brings out only weak points and therefore does not affect two patients in exactly the same way. It requires many provers, of different types and different defective resistances, to bring out the complete picture of a drug pathogenesis. It follows from this principle that the symptoms that care in a healthy human body by taking a homoeopathic medicine will be cured by the same medicine if they are present during an ailment.
In homoeopathy an ailment is treated according to its symptoms; the name of the ailment does not matter. To find out the symptoms of the medicine these are tested on healthy person. This is known as drug proving.
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